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Welcome to Chemyst, your one stop solution for all your IB mathematics needs. We will help you get the grades you desire! As students all around the world are becoming more eager to pursue tertiary education in foreign countries, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is fast becoming the educational program of choice for students who want a truly international education. Nevertheless, IB courses are often more challenging and are harder to prepare for, especially because it can be difficult to find resources for exam preparation. Fortunately, here at Chemyst we provide the best IB math tuition and revision.


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IB Math Internal Assessments & Extended Essay


Internal assessments (IA) for math is called Mathematical Exploration (ME). It is like a project on a specific topic with some advance use of math to deep dive into its concept. A student must show in-depth knowledge of an area of math, preferably beyond the scope of their syllabus to solve a real-world problem or to model a phenomenon. Since the IA & EE is an integral part to the IB math programme, guidance will be provided to all enrolled students during IB math tuition for no extra cost.

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