IB Math : The Challenges

IB Math are considered some of the most challenging classes offered in the IB programme. They not only want aspirants to have perfect knowledge of the theoretical concepts, but they also prefer if one can also understand how to solve complex problems with the help of those concepts.

  • Complex Concepts:

    Teaching points that include calculus, trigonometry, quantum mechanics, as well as electromagnetism, is complex for most learners, if no guidance is provided.

  • Application-Based Learning:

    A common format that is usually used in the IB exams is usually the ability to apply concepts and ideas to new situations that the students have not encountered before and thus, entails the ability to understand and think critically.

  • Time Management:

    There are a huge number of classes and numerous internal tests and, of course, the time management here becomes a crucial issue.

  • High Expectations:

    Like most international programs, the IB program has certain academic expectations and generally, students undergo huge pressure in order to be placed in their preferred universities.

The Function of IB Math Tutor

Students get individual attention during IB Math Tuition. Teachers can practice discrepancies pointing out that no concept should remain unclear for a student in the given subject, if tutors adapt the material according to the main problem of the student.
Experienced IB tutors bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. They can provide insights and tips that are not readily available in textbooks or school classes.

Tutors help students develop a structured study plan, which is crucial for managing the extensive IB syllabus effectively.
Through guided practice and regular assessments, tutors can help students enhance their problem-solving skills, which are critical for excelling in Math .
Confidence Building: Regular feedback and support from a tutor can significantly boost a student’s confidence, reducing anxiety and improving performance.


Reviews from our students

Matthew Tan
Matthew Tan
Excellent teaching and valuable resources for IB math here!
Mr Ejaz is one of the best math tutors ever!! Throughout my first year of IB, I struggled with Math AA SL and found it very hard to grasp the concepts; Math became a big source of stress for me. In Year 6, I began attending Mr Ejaz's classes and found them extremely helpful. As the classes are grouped according to schools, the lessons are very well aligned to the pace of teaching in school, meaning that I always had a good understanding of each topic from the very start. During lessons, time is given for us to practice selected questions before Mr Ejaz goes through them. This is very useful, as Mr Ejaz is very knowledgeable of the IB Math curriculum (the most important topics to know, the most commonly tested questions, etc), and so always gives a good mix of challenging/unusual and common/simple questions for us to build confidence in the subject. Closer to the IB exams, we would routinely practice full exam papers at home before coming to class with any queries. This really helped me to build confidence in my skills, as we were able to complete several years' worth of papers and get a good grasp of IB-style questions. After less than a year with Mr Ejaz, my grades and confidence in Math improved significantly. By the time I took the IB exams, Math was one of the subjects I was most confident in and gave me almost no stress. I achieved a high grade 7 (88%) in the IB, and I think this is a testament to how good of a tutor Mr Ejaz was. Thank you Mr Ejaz!! :))
Martha Soon
Martha Soon
Mr Ejaz is a patient and encouraging tutor who instilled confidence in my son and nudged him to attain a Grade 7 for SL Math and a Grade 6 for HL Physics in his recent IBDP exam. He had been struggling with both subjects since Secondary school but within a year under Mr Ejaz's guidance, he was able to surpass his own limitations. We cannot be more thankful, Mr Ejaz!
I was recommended this service, and have recommended it in turn to my friends who also benefitted from it! Classes require you to be independent and have a good work ethic, since there are revision questions given out every lesson and you learn by asking questions and correcting your mistakes. This is a good system for self-driven learners and those who require structured learning to be more motivated. The lessons and teacher are also quite flexible (in person lessons or zooms are avail) and the teacher is knowledgeable and competent (+ provides free snacks :)))👍👍 The value of the lessons was worth the price, I ended up going from a 4 to a 7 in SL Physics and it fixed my terrible foundation from the first year of IB. I would recommend this service for people who are very driven to score well for SL physics and committed to asking questions and taking charge of your learning! Thank you for helping me defeat the IB 😞😞🙏🙏🤞🤞
Celine Shen
Celine Shen
At the end of year 5, I was struggling to do well in maths and had trouble understanding some concepts. I joined Mr Ejaz’s class and after his lessons I was able to grasp math concepts I was previously unfamiliar with. Towards the end of IB I gained more confidence and was able to do well in HL MAA.
mr ejaz best physics teacher ever!!!!! my physics score improved so much in the two years he taught me! super patient teacher and doesnt get frustrated even if you have to ask him to explain concepts again because you forgot, and lots of resources provided that makes every topic so much understandable. thank you mr ejaz!!!!!
mr ejaz helped me push my limits and go beyond my expectations with his teaching! he provided a lot of materials for our classes :)
One of the most challenging IB subjects is the HL Mathematics: analysis and approaches. Ejaz has a lot of valuable resources for IB Math. The classes were small, 4-5 max, enabling personalised attention. He was able to to break down difficult concepts and ensures that the students get lots of practice as it is only through consistent effort and lots of practice questions that one can achieve a good score. All classes are recorded and can be attended virtually if needs be. My daughter joined his class in May 2021 till November 2022 and achieved a 7 in HL Math AA. He was always available to help her, even with her IA. He was also happy to give updates and feedback when I contacted him. I would highly recommend Ejaz to all IB Math students.
Kelly Chia
Kelly Chia
I enrolled my son in Math and Physics tuition at CHEMYST. Mr Ejaz is extremely passionate about his work and has a genuine heart to want to see that his students do well, beside the fact that he’s an experienced educator and meticulous in his work. He went the extra mile to ensure that my son grasp and understood the math and Physics concepts, to enable him to enjoy both subjects lessons well. We are very happy with Mr Ejaz, who is not only an engaging and patient tutor, he offers support beyond class hours, helps to pace his students and coach them study techniques other than the subject itself, which is extremely helpful.
Matthew Lim
Matthew Lim
Mr Ejaz is a really patient tutor, going through the various topics covered in the MAA HL syllabus in depth, with a lot of resources such as worksheets, notes and practice tests, and is always willing to clarify any doubts. He helped me to do well for school tests and the IB Exams after joining in year 6, despite struggling in year 5. Would strongly recommend to anyone that needs help in IB Math!

Frequently Asked Questions


No, i may conduct trial class individually to understand the needs of the student. But classes are conducted in small groups of 3-4 students of similar strengths and capabilities. Classes are held at a central location at 5 Tank road.

No, I may conduct a trial class individually to understand the needs of the student. But classes are conducted in small groups of 3-4 students of similar strengths and capabilities. Classes are held at a central location at 5 Tank road.

No one can guarantee this. Even with a 100% track record of 6s and 7s in 2023, I cannot guarantee a score. The reason is any Tuition Programme is just one side of the story. The real work is done at home where you sit down and practice what is being given by me. Practice makes perfect. if that part is diligently done, then a 7 in IB tutor singapore for Math or IB Physics will not be that hard.where you sit down and practice what is being given by me. Practice makes perfect. if that part is diligently done, then a 7 in IB Math or IB Physics will not be that hard.

No. These notes are made for my regular students who have been studying under my guidance.

No, my slots are limited. So I cannot guarantee a slot if you are not regularly coming for lessons. If you miss a lesson for a legitimate reason, please inform in advance.

No, the class rates are fixed. Equal attention is given to each student, no matter the group size.

If a student is struggling in some topic or lessons, Mr.Ejaz as a IB math tutor singapore offers enhanced discussion sessions to clarify the doubts of students.

No, We treat all the students the same and the fee structure for the ib math hl tuition singapore is same for all the students in Singapore.

Finding the Best IB Tuition in Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its excellent education system, and finding top-quality IB Math Tuition is no exception.

  • 01

    Qualified and Experienced Tutors

    Specifically, it is advised to focus on the tutors experienced in IB Math teaching. They should be well conversant with the IB curriculum and possess the skills of how to pass on knowledge in a more simple and appealing way.

  • 02

    Proven Track Record

    An effective IB Tuition in Singapore center that should be able to recommend ways through which students can excel in their IB exams is one that has in the past helped students score high grades in their exams. Reviews and recommendations of previous students/learners and parents can be of immense benefit.

  • 03

    Comprehensive Resources

    Facilities that are offered by good tuition centers must comprise of past papers, practice questions, and individual study work.

  • 04

    Small Class Sizes

    Large classes are not efficient because every student cannot be attended by the teacher and in a large class it is hard for all the students to be actively involved in the class.

  • 05

    Flexible Scheduling

    When selecting a tuition service, it is important for students to consider the fact that most IB students are usually busy hence the need to have flexible tuition times. Ensure that the center provides different classes at different times to suit the needs of the clients.

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